Universität Basel
Angewandte & Umweltgeologie
Departement Umweltwissenschaften

Dr. Rebecca Page, Ehemalige Mitarbeiter

Position / Aufgaben

Gruppierung III Vertretung Departementsausschuss


BSc, 2007. Environmental Engineering, ETH Zürich. ‘Indicators for the Effect of Water Exploitation on Mangrove Biodiversity’

MSc, 2003. Applied Marine Sciency, University of Plymouth, UK. ‘A Baseline Survey of the Benthic Invertebrate Fauna from Trawl Surveys made in the Maltese Waters’.

BSc, 2002. Marine Biology, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK. ‘Effects of Demersal Trawling on Benthic Communities‘.

Ausbildung / Dissertation

PhD, 2011. Applied and Environmental Geology, Uni Basel. ‘Approaches to Hazard-oriented Groundwater Management Based on Multivariate Analysis of Groundwater Quality’